chili spicy chilichili medium spicy chilichilichili very spicy veg vegetarian


edamame veg

green soybeans in pods. pop the bean out by squeezing the pods with your fingers. steamed and lightly salted


crispy vegetarian spring rolls veg

filled with mixed vegetables and served with sweet and sour chili sauce


chive dumpling veg

rice flour patty, filled with chopped garlic chives. the flavor of garlic chives is more like garlic than chives, though much milder. served with sweet and mildly spiced dark soy sauce


vegetable gyoza veg

pot sticker stuffed with vegetables and soy protein. served with light teriyaki dipping sauce


cream cheese wonton veg

wonton skin stuffed with chive and onion cream cheese, deep fried, and served with house sweet and sour chili sauce


crispy spring rolls

these rolls are crispy, crunchy, and very satisfying. they are filled with shrimp, pork, and veggies – served with tangy sweet and sour chili sauce


pork gyoza

crispy pork pot sticker served with light teriyaki dipping sauce


chicken satay

strips of chicken breast are marinated, then skewered and grilled. served with toasted bread, cucumber relish and homemade peanut sauce


thai dumplings

wonton skin stuffed with a combination of seasoned minced pork and prawns, then steamed to perfection. Served with mildly spiced soy dipping sauce. served steamed or fried


fried calamari

lightly battered and deep fried to golden brown. served with our homemade tangy sweet and sour chili sauce


shrimp bikini

shrimp wrapped in spring roll skin, deep fried and served with our homemade sweet and sour chili sauce



tom yum chili

featuring all four fundamental flavors - salty, sour, sweet and spicy - comes mushrooms, kiffir lime, lemongrass and cilantro

chicken $5, shrimp $6

tom kha chili

a silky, velvety-smooth coconut milk based soup filled with the aroma from kiffir lime, lemongrass, galangal, lime, and chili and slippery sweet mushrooms

chicken $6, shrimp $7

wonton soup

dumplings stuffed with a mixture of chicken and shrimp seasoned with soy sauce and herbs are gently simmered in clear chicken broth


tofu soup

tofu, cellophane noodles and assorted vegetables in clear chicken broth. this soup is wonderfully flavored. It is also very healthy and nourishing


vegetable soup veg

assorted vegetables in clear vegetable broth. refreshingly light and flavorful



thai salad veg

fresh spring mix and iceberg lettuce with tofu croutons, served with peanut dressing


green papaya salad chili

julienned green papaya, carrots, fresh tomatoes, string beans, garlic, chili and peanuts tossed with a chili-lime dressing

$7, add grilled shrimp $9

larb gai chili

minced chicken, shallots, mint leaves, spring onions, chili powder and ground toasted rice tossed with a spicy chili-lime dressing


spicy bbq beef salad chilichili

slices of grilled beef, shallots, mint leaves, spring onions, chili powder and ground toasted rice tossed with a chili-lime dressing


noodles and fried rice

please select from one of the following choices

beef, chicken, pork, tofu or vegetables $11

combination (beef, chicken and pork) $13

shrimp only or squid only $13

pad thai

soft rice noodles are flavored with a balance of palm sugar, tamarind, lime juice and fish sauce. stir-fried with egg, firm tofu, sweet pickled radish, spring onion and crunchy bean sprouts with a fresh lime wedge and crushed roasted peanuts on the side

drunken noodle - pad kee mao vegchilichili

made with a good deal of spicy heat - flat rice noodles stir-fried with fresh basil, tomatoes, and onions in a spicy chili sauce

pad see ew

thai comfort food at its best. pan-fried flat rice noodles with chinese broccoli, eggs, and dark soy sauce

thai basil spicy fried rice vegchilichili

this fried rice is spicy and equally nice with a burst of flavors from fresh basil and bell peppers

thai fried rice

thai jasmine rice stir-fried with eggs, onions, peas, carrots, scallion, cilantro and tomatoes and served with cucumber slices and a lime wedge on the side

over the rice

served with steamed jasmine rice

please select from one of the following choices

beef, chicken, pork, tofu or vegetables $10

combination (beef, chicken and pork) $12

shrimp only or squid only $13

substitute with brown rice $1.50

thai basil stir-fry vegchilichili

savory, spicy, and redolent of garlic, chili and fresh basil sauce that is just lightly caramelized with meat, onion and bell pepper

thai cashew vegchili

stir-fried with cashews, onions and water chestnuts in our chef’s special sauce

pad broccoli veg

sautéed broccoli, bell pepper and garlic in a light brown sauce

sweet & sour

sautéed pineapple chunks, cucumber, tomatoes, onion, scallions and bell pepper in a thai sweet & sour sauce


served with steamed jasmine rice

please select from one of the following choices

beef, chicken, pork, tofu or vegetables $12

combination (beef, chicken and pork) $14

shrimp only or squid only $14

substitute with brown rice $1.50

green curry chilichili

green curry, regardless of heat, has a definite and desired sweetness in the end. made with chinese eggplant, sliced bamboo shoots, bell pepper and thai basil are added just at the end for fragrance

red curry chili

rich soup-like red curry coconut sauce with pineapple, tomatoes, onions and red bell pepper

panang curry chili

made according to thai tradition by using the cream of the coconut milk, provides a thicker, pastier curry but milder than other thai curries

jungle curry chilichilichili

spicy and layered with flavor, this curry is a splendid variation of red curry, but with the addition of a few key ingredients. jungle curry contains no coconut milk and comes with a variety of vegetables, making it great for those on a heart-healthy diet

chicken bangkok yellow curry chili

this classic yellow curry made with chunks of chicken, potatoes, onion and tomatoes, tastes like one of those wonderful curry dishes you can find in the marketplaces and streets of bangkok. (chicken only. no meat substitute available)


chef's specialty

served with steamed jasmine rice

substitute with brown rice add $1.50

spicy eggplant chilichili

chinese eggplant stir-fried with basil, bell pepper and your choice of meat. served in chef's spicy black bean and garlic sauce

with minced chicken $14

with tofu $12 veg

soy meat ka praw vegchilichili

soy meat sautéed with fresh chili, garlic, onion, fresh basil leaves, bell peppers and string beans in a spicy ka praw sauce


tender beef panang curry chili

large chunks of beef simmered over low heat for hours until the beef is tender, juicy and succulent


soy meat panang curry chili

textured soy protein in panang curry. it is generally milder and more subtly flavored than other, spicier thai curries


sizzling beef

marinated flank steak in our exotic brown sauce, topped with ginger and toasted sesame seed


ginger tilapia

crispy tilapia fillet served with sautéed young ginger, onions, bell pepper, shiitake mushrooms, and celery in a ginger sauce


crispy catfish chilichili

crispy steak cut catfish sautéed with red curry paste, eggplant, young green peppercorns, rhizome, kaffir lime leaves, mild sweet red chili pepper and thai sweet basil


Shrimp Pineapple Fried Rice *

a fancier fried rice dish - combines the fragrance of jasmine rice, sweet, juicy and tangy pineapple, crunchy roasted cashews, delectable raisin, and shrimp (5). stir fried with chef's special sauce and topped with shredded pork
* served without steamed rice


side orders

jasmine rice


brown rice


sticky rice


steamed vegetables or steamed rice noodles


extra meat, vegetables, tofu, shrimp(3) or squid


peanut sauce 2oz


spring rolls sauce 2oz



mango and sticky rice

a traditional thai dessert. sweetened thai sticky rice cooked in coconut milk and served with slices of fresh mango


sweet sticky rice only


crispy banana

fresh bananas and sliced almonds wrapped in spring roll skin and deep fried. served with honey and sesame seeds


thai style roti

flat layered bread, pan-fried and served with your choice of sweetened condensed milk with chocolate or plain condensed milk



thai iced tea


thai iced coffee


bottle drinks

coke, diet coke, sprite, ginger ale, water



free house delivery up to 2.5 miles driving distance
minimum order $15

delivery hours

monday - friday: Lunch 11:30am - 3:30pm Dinner 5pm - 10pm

saturday & sunday: 11:30am - 10pm

check if we can deliver to your address


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about thai curry


Thai Curry may look unassuming from the outside, but once you enter the cozy modern dining room you’re instantly transported from Ballston and welcomed to Bangkok. The kitchen features generous dishes that are reflective of market-driven Thai cuisine, from simple street food to innovative twists on old standards.

Familiar appetizers get a fresh hand at Thai Curry. A fried canopy of julienned green papaya is topped with grilled shrimp and draped over a bed of tart string beans splashed with a chili-lime bath.

From chef secrets to country legends, unique soups also star. Pink noodle soup is packed with squid and whole shrimp and layered over vibrant watercress in a red-stained, vinegar-and-chili fortified brew. Tom Yum Pork offers a fragrant lemon grass, nam pla and lime brew, topped with cilantro and fried garlic. Diners are encouraged to adjust heat levels to their liking with cruets of sugar, chili powder, red chilies and green chilies in vinegar.

Sweets shouldn’t be overlooked. Playful rice-flour pancakes get a native treatment which is folded over banana and chocolate sauces.

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